What started out as a simple passion and interest to build a reliable and powerful machine has gradually turned into a full time business for JDM Source!

When JDM Source first started, their goal was to import high quality performance engines and parts. Supply then was either scarce or way too costly. For the past 16 years, the company has always been an important source for high performance engines and parts. Their reputation for consistency and efficiency is forged from their commitment to deliver quality performance engines and parts at an affordable price.

Today, JDM Source is North America’s leading choice for high performance used engines and JDM parts.
The success is earned from their attention to details and unsurpassed services. At JDM Source, we are driven by our competitive instinct and our insatiable appetite for more powerful and more efficient parts. Our relentlessly and meticulous effort with our product selection has earned us the trust of both the industry and car enthusiasts. Today, JDM Source has extended its distribution network across the border and even overseas. With one of the largest collection of performance engines and JDM parts, JDM Source has become the preferred and reliable source for car enthusiasts across North America. Despite a high turnover of our engines and parts, our company maintains a sufficient level of inventory to feed both the retail and wholesale market.