How long does an item take to ship after the order is placed?

If an order is placed before 3 p.m. central it will be shipped same day. 

How long is the warranty period on engines?

30 days.

How do we guaranty our mileage? 

We hand pick each and every motor before we buy and quality check them before we purchase them. 

Why are the prices low on certain engines? 

Think of us sort of like a big box store. We order in bulk and pass the savings on to you!

Do we sell loose parts such as alternators starters etc. 

Yes! Feel free to give us a call and ask!

Do we carry Short Blocks & Cylinder Heads? 

Unfortunately no, we do not.

Do we install engines & transmissions?

Yes we do! Please call for more information.

Will everything included with the engine be compatible? 

Not always will all included parts interchange over to your vehicle. Most engines are meant to be used as "Long Block" assemblies only. Which basically means just the engine. You will need to use your original parts such as sensors, distributors etc.